About Us

PROPMASTERS INC. - 2721 Empire Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504 - 818-846-3915


Propmasters began operations in 1980 and specialized in custom mold design. Since that time our work has extended into support for the motion picture industry, business trades, visuals for ads and promotionals and a wide range of other applications.

Some of the services we offer include set design, props and scenery, costuming and accessories, logo design, trade show visuals, models, storefront design, themed entertainment, interior / exterior décor and custom molds.

promotionals, props, models

We specialize in designs for many commercial applications, including promotional displays and in-store architectural design elements for leading companies in a wide range of  industries.

With thirtyyears of experience behind us, we at Prop Masters hae continued to provide the kind of service that keeps our clients coming back for more. The unique demands of the entertainment industry means our clients require both personal and professional attention. Here at Prop Masters, we believe our design and fabrication solutions will not only meet your deadlines and your budgetary constraints but also your expectations of quality. Now at our new 8000 square feet facility, we are even better equipped to satisfy the discriminating demands our clients